Chicken and Broccoli in a mild curry sauce


4 x chicken breasts
2 x tins of Campbell’s Condensed mushroom soup
1 x cup of mayonnaise
1 x cup of fresh single cream
2 x tins of button mushrooms
4 x tbsp of mild curry powder or more for taste
1 x pk of frozen broccoli
250 gms of grated cheddar cheese
2 tbsp oil


  1. Cut the chicken into bite size pieces about 1 inch.
    Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook off and seal the chicken, be careful not to over cook.
  2. Whilst the chicken is cooking mix together together in a large bowl the mayonnaise, cream, soup and curry powder.
  3. Drain the mushrooms and add to the mixture.
  4. Put the chicken and juices and half of the frozen broccoli arrange on top of the chicken.
  5. Pour on the cream mixture and add the rest of the broccoli.
  6. Cover with foil and place in the middle of the oven for about 45 mins to 1 hour.
  7. Once the chicken and broccoli is cooked, stir the mixture so all the broccoli is covered with the sauce.
  8. Grate the cheese and sprinkle over the whole top of the mixture and return to the oven to brown off or put under the grill until the cheese has melted.
  9. Serve with plain boiled rice or potatoes and fresh vegetables.